How to get in the Google My Business 3 pack

Corey Hinde
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Need more customers for your local business?

Optimising your Google My Business listing so YOU get calls from people searching Google TODAY is the BEST way to grow your business without spending huge money.

People search for something - they see the Google 3 Pack listings RIGHT up the top of Google, and they simply call or get in touch... it's that simple now for many business categories!

SO - if you have a business where people find you online, then you have to work on your Google My Business listing.

This course is the summation of 3 years of work. 

Yes - 3 years of testing with real accounts, so that you can save loads of time, get the 5 key lessons done, and start ranking your Google My Business listing straight away. 

There are 5 video lessons in this course + access to Google Coach Corey Hinde to help you out if needed. 

This process will teach you EXACTLY what we do for our clients - and we have some amazing success stories!

For example - the local trades business that booked $100K worth of work within the first month of implementing this exact process!

The local insurance broker who is already outranking WAY BIGGER companies on Google My Business, simply by using Step 1, Step 3, and Step 4 of this process, we haven't even rolled out steps 2 and 5 for him yet!

Each lesson in this course has been tested, proven, and quite simply works.  You don't have to do anything else except follow this process.


  • We've never seen this system fail. 

  • Despite that, we cannot guarantee you'll rank in the top 3 on Google My Business, as much as we'd like to.  Some business categories have massive competition, and ranking the listing in the top 3 can take a while.  On the flipside, we've seen listings go from spot 20 on Google My Business to spot 3 within a week as well.

  • This course is our unique process, tested, proven, and something we actively use today with our own clients.  We do also provide a done for you version, where we do the work for you on a month to month basis.  Feel free to ask about that. 

  • You'll also receive a free copy of our program "Free Customer Program" with this purchase, a collection of methods we actively use today to help clients generate new customers fast primarily via email.

  • This course is a LOT cheaper than similar products online, simply because we want lots of people to use it, WIN, and spread the good feedback about us - this helps our business more than any paid ad we could possibly run. 

    Enjoy the course! {Corey Hinde | SEO | Digital Marketing}

    Important note about Course Structure:

  • Download the course

  • Underneath "Step 1", you'll find a video link.  Watch that.

  • Advance through the document to "Step 2", watch the video underneath that, and so on.  There are 5 video lessons in total. You are free to contact me at any time for help and support. 

  • Any issues or questions, simply email me:

  • The Google My Business training course (5 lessons) PLUS a copy of the Free Customer Program

  • The Google My Business training course (5 lessons) PLUS a copy of the Free Customer Program
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How to get in the Google My Business 3 pack

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