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Corey Hinde
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Sometimes, you need to generate business, fast!

As marketers, a lot of our work can take a few months to kick in and yield big results - so we keep a few "tricks up our sleeves" for tough times.

When someone reaches out and is urgently looking to boost sales, get new clients, and generally get things moving, we roll out one or more of these 5 strategies.

Why these 5?

One reason and one reason only... they've been proven again and again to work.

For example - our painting client in New Zealand - used strategy #2 recently, and booked 2 large jobs, which he was delighted with.

An electrician client use strategy #1 recently, and booked THOUSANDS of dollars of work, in one go.

What you'll get:

#1 - The Reactivator method

#2 - The Service Email plan

#3 - The F + F offer 

#4 - the 1-6 month researcher plan

#5 - The Collab

You'll get each strategy, revealed in full, so you can tailor them for your business... and start generating new business within 3 hours of purchasing this course!

In fact - we 100% guarantee, that if you do NOT generate new business, from this course, within 48 hours of implementing the ideas, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked, no love lost.  

  • Our 5 part program we implement for clients who need more business, fast!

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  • Our 5 part program we implement for clients who need more business, fast!
  • Size302 KB
  • Length11 pages


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